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I will highly recommend Oriol as your training consultant.

Dear hiring managers/future students,
Oriol is an excellent teacher inproviding English accent, English word usage, Scottish accents.
Oriol can provide things that neither American nor Canadian teachers have to offer. All in all, for students aiming high, I will highly recommend Oriol as your training consultant.

Hung Yu Yang
Principal Engineer
Hsinchu, Taiwan

I’ve been taking Oriol’s English classes since last year. Oriol teaches me pronunciation and helps me correct my grammar when I speak so that I can talk more accurately. He is also patient and understands my profession, so he designs our lessons for me to gain more knowledge in my field in English.
All in all, he is a diligent and open-minded English teacher.

Learn English With Ori from KUAN YU
Digital ASIC Design Engineer
Hsinchu, Taiwan

I am grateful for his guidance and support.

Over the past four months, Ori has systematically delivered both general English and business English courses, enabling me to acquire valuable skills in conversational English, presentations, and conducting meetings. The skills I’ve gained have been very helpful in facilitating meetings and delivering presentations at work. I am grateful for his guidance and support.

Jennifer Haung
Associate Director


跟著 Oriol 學習英文已經有半年多,Oriol 依照著我的需求來編制每堂課的教材,不像其他老師只會照著教科書來教學,更貼近我的學習目標,這點我覺得非常棒!Oriol 的教學專業度相當高,遇到一些不認識的單字,他會以不同的例句來加以解釋,讓我更能掌握單字的含義。我很榮幸能成為 Oriol 的學生,讓我的英文能力提升了許多。

Testimonial from Steven Chou for Learning English With Ori
Kuan-Ting Chou
Senior iOS Developer
Taipei, Taiwan

With no doubt, Oriol has been the best English teacher I have ever had. His involvement is paramount. He helps you pronounce like a real native, teaches you a lot of vocabulary, and is constantly involved in improving your skills. Wherever he goes, I want to have him as an English teacher!

Learn English With Ori testimonal from Xavier
Xavier Gásquez Rutes
Renewable Energy Investment Director
Barcelona, Spain

Oriol is an excellent tutor for English language for me. He is also a good friend in my real life.
I have been his student since 5 years ago. I always feel he has always been passionate and patient when teaching me. Besides, he has always focused on my professional side in my English classes and was thorough in correcting my pronunciation.
I totally believe I improved a lot in my English conversation skills thanks to him.

Testimonial from Ivan Chou for Learn Engilsh With Ori
Ivan Chou
Sr. Territory Manager
New Taipei, Taiwan

Oriol is a great English teacher!

He taught me for more than a year and helped me learn fast.
He is really committed to see his students progressing, so he was always paying strong attention to my speaking and correcting me at each mistake and pushing me to be motivated in our classes that used to be at 7 AM.
I do recommend Oriol.
Thank you Oriol!

Testimonial from Marcelo Kliemann in Lean English With Ori
Marcelo Kliemann
Sr Software Engineering Manager
Porto Alegre, Brazil

I’m finally able to talk to foreigners at work!

I have been Ori’s student for one and a half years, from struggling to speak in English to being fluent without problems. Thanks to him, I’m finally able to talk to foreigners at work. He can totally understand my needs and prepare the materials or practices I need most. He is patient, professional, and the best teacher I have ever met.

KuangTe Chao
Accounting Manager

Really happy have such a professional teacher.

I’m really happy to have such a professional teacher.
Oriol has a better understanding of the students’ aptitude and needs and could flexibly adjust during the learning and teaching process. He taught me a lot of critical details that are helpful in establishing good relationships and negotiating with foreign clients.

Besides, he would pay attention to and improve the correctness of my English pronunciation.

Fenny Wu
Senior Associate

I have to say that Oriol is a brilliant teacher!

Prior to the first class, Oriol did his due diligence via a face-to-face interview to know what I needed and what goal I would like to reach. He provided a clear study plan and his methods let me build a solid base of business English by which I could handle and engage in my company’s foreign meetings with confidence. Also, Oriol encouraged me to ask as many questions as I needed, which he responds clearly and with lots of examples. All these things make him stand out from other foreign teachers. I really appreciate having Ori as my English teacher.

Testimonial from Alex Lin for Learn English With Ori
Alex Lin
Deputy Supervisor, Regularity Affairs
Hsinchu, Taiwan

Taking Oriol’s English class is one of the best choices I have made this year.

Oriol is experienced, professional and responsible. He customizes class materials to meet students’ needs. He gives abundant examples while explaining a word or a concept, which is quite helpful for enhancing memory. His class is relaxing and always full of fun!

Taking Oriol’s English class is one of the best choices I have made this year.:)

Testimonial from Sabrina for Learn English With Ori
Channel Sales Specialist
Taipei, Taiwan

I am taking this opportunity to give my personal recommendation of Oriol Noguera. We had English class for almost two years, and Oriol helped me with his brilliant teaching method for business English and general English. I highlight his dedication to make me improve with classes focus on what I needed. I highly recommend Oriol.
Thank you very much

Learn English With Ori testimonial from Rafael Bartholo
Rafael Bartholo
Senior Manager
Leuven, Belgium

Thanks to him I could improve much more than I expected.

Two years ago I decided to study English a bit further and to my luck, I was able to have classes with Oriol. I’ve noticed since first-class that Oriol had tremendous talent teaching. Thanks to him I could improve much more than I expected. He has many good skills but I think learning new languages is the best , also has a strong mindset and is always committed to his students.
If you wanna master English I would definitely say that Teacher Oriol is the guy, he is the kind of person that would succeed in any career.

Learn English With Ori testimonial from Renan Luiz
Renan Luiz
Network Engineer
São Paulo, Brazil

Oriol is an excellent professional teacher in all respect.

He was my teacher for almost a year when I studied at Education First. He is a teacher who puts his heart, mind, and soul while teaching. He is patient and encouraging but appropriately challenging.He provides both a great mix of listening, speaking and practical learning activities. I have found him to be a teacher of the highest standard and could not have expected more from a teacher. Quite simply, I cannot recommend Oriol highly enough!

Testimonial from Yustina for Learn English With Ori
Yustina Handrata
Accounting &Finance Manager

I highly recommend Oriol.

I have rarely come across anyone who is as talented as Oriol when it comes to English teaching. I had the pleasure of being his student for more than one year. He dedicated a lot of his time to deliver the information in an easy and distinctive way. I have never benefited from any English teaching as much as I have with Oriol. Also, he was patient and never made me feel frustrated when I made mistakes. So, I highly recommend Oriol.

Omama A,
Research Asistant

He is a the best choice to improve the English skill.

I’ve learned English from Ori several years ago and two years ago, I started Ori’s lesson due to the work requirement. Ori will adjust the difficulty and teaching process depending on each student’s degree. Besides, he will use many kind of topic in lesson to improve students’ pronunciation, speaking and listening skill. He is a the best choice to improve the English skill.

Testimonial from Jimmy Tsai
Jimmy Tsai
Advanced Manufacture Mechanical Engineer
Taipei, Taiwan

Oriol is an outstanding professional.

Almost two years ago, I began attending these classes with the hope of expanding my knowledge, and I must say, this journey has been quite remarkable. Under the guidance of Ori, our teacher, these classes have played a crucial role in improving different aspects of my English skills. Ori’s teaching is really great. His classes have not only taught me new things but have also helped me speak English more clearly, learn more words, and become a better communicator overall. One thing that sets these classes apart is how interactive and engaging they are. We get to have discussions, ask questions, and practice what we learn, which makes it easier to apply in real-life situations.

Thank you Oriol for these two years of learning!

Juan Andres Arteaga Silva
Video Production Student
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